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Total Characters: 1589

Total Guilds: 3

Currently Online: 82/195
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Server Rates

Solo Experience: x1

Party Experience: x3

Fairy Growth Rate: x1

Drop Rate: x1

Ship Experience: x2

Event is currently: OFF

Hello everyone, the festival season is here! With this in mind, these are the new thing approaching the server:

For more detailed information, please read it on forum.

Posted by Angelix on 12/11/2017

We know players may have a rough time once in a while and just like to receive things for free, so this event, you just may receive something for free!

For more information, please click here.

Posted by Angelix on 11/27/2017

Hello dear players, we want to see who is the best gambler on our server and for that, we will be doing a gambling event on Discord. Everyone will have the same opportunity, the difference will be how well you play with your coins in order to win.

For more information, please click here,

Posted by Angelix on 11/27/2017

Hello player! Since some of you asked for it, we'll be holding a Black Friday Deal, which will consists of more IGSP when buying, updated item prices and some new items. For more details, please visit our forum here, thanks!

Note: Black Friday Deals will only last till 12:00AM November 27, 2017.

Posted by Angelix on 11/25/2017

After a few issues with our host provider and change of staff, we're glad to announce that server is back online.

Please update your clients and join the fun!

Posted by Angelix on 11/12/2017

Hello players, server had a quick maintenance a few minutes ago.

These changes will be applied:

  • ChangeLog 10/30/2017

    • Chaos Argent has been enabled.

    • Award Center has been added.

    • Offline Stall has been enabled.

Please do note that there's an event on forum currently active:

Client Update: Please run autopatcher.

Posted by Angelix on 11/06/2017
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